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In-person location: Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, Room 324
Virtual attendees: Zoom link

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The HEXED (Human-Centric eXplainable AI in Education) Workshop is being held in conjunction with EDM (Educational Data Mining) 2024. The workshop aims to bring together a specialized community of researchers who can work together to (1) develop a shared vision and common vocabulary for XAI in education, (2) share and disseminate work, (3) create robust methods for increasing interpretability, and (4) develop evaluation metrics for assessing explanations and model interpretability. We plan to achieve this through lively debate and discussion surrounding the current and future needs of the community.

The workshop is being held on 14 July 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This is a full-day hybrid workshop and will feature a mix of poster presentations, a lively panel discussion, and interactive sessions to facilitate collaboration.


The workshop will be held from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Click here for the schedule and accepted papers.


The registration will be managed by the EDM 2024 main conference organization at https://educationaldatamining.org/edm2024/. To register, click the blue “Register now!” button on their homepage.


The workshop organizers are listed below. Click here to learn more about them or to see the full program committee.